Monday, 7 November 2011

Raspberry Nudes
Ben Allen

Ben Allen works in a multitude of media and materials. The piece above is fascinating, I like dissecting the different layers of medium: paint and emolsion over screenprinted canvas. I love the richness of colour, the repetition of the image and off centred printing - I always forget about the possibility of working into screenprints. I always tend to focus on a very linear black and white image which usually results in a book and shy away from colour but maybe this is something I should reconsider working on.
 Influences include comic book art, surfing, skateboard culture, Japanese graphics, the Mexican "Dia de la Muerte", typography, nature and the human condition.

I'm not a huge fan of street art but I love the graphic quality of line and introduction of typography that is clearly inspired by newspaper/fashion magazine headlines as well as, pop art, obviously. At times I do find Allen's use of colour is a bit garish and there's simply too much information conflicting (negatively)but images like the two above are intriguing. The strong pink and reds clashing with black and white just have an appeal.

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