Saturday, 12 November 2011

We share similar thought processes when it comes to collaging, I will upload a few studio shots of current collages within the week. I love the sense of mystery she creates, in particular with the young girl looking at the moon. The forced gaze that can be created when collaging with bodies has always fascinated me. Faye lends her hand to lots of different mediums: animation, illustration, photography etc. I feel like we share the same mindset - maybe I need to attempt animation? 

I've made similar images in the studio, in particular, I really struggle with finding my images - it takes a lot of searching and flicking to find the right image. I use Vogue mainly because they seem to land upon the right mood I'm after, I think Faye uses National Geographic so maybe I'll broaden my horizons, so to speak. Another thing that makes me nervous with collaging is that I'm nervous about copyright issues (appropiation only gets you so far) - I've been told that ''everything is up for grabs'' especially because of the Digital Age but I don't think I would entirely appreciate someone chopping and manipulating my images, so I owe the same respect to other.

I will experiment with some digital collage with images found online and decide whether I feel the same way.

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