Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Art is dead.

My first cross stitch is complete!
Although cross stitching is very time-consuming and your hands start to hurt after a while, it's VERY addictive - I can't wait to start embroidering new pieces.

This was a bit of a test run before I started a new project, which I will hopefully have updates on soon! The quote is from the comedian: Bo Burnham. I highly recommend you listen to:


  1. ...And "All art is quite useless", according to Oscar Wilde?

    Fairy Flax Furey ;-)

    1. Very good :)

      I'm super impressed you remembered to check me out lol What's your website?

      (I've also been trying to find out about Fairy Flax, so far all I know is that it is very, very rare and you're very luck to spot it - I'll have to dive into the archives at work for more I think.)

  2. It's Latin name is linum catharticum