Saturday, 5 May 2012

LOVE: Shaun O'Donnell

My personal favourite from the GSA Degree Show 2010 was of course the wonderous paintings of Shaun O'Donnell, I managed to snag a postcard from his exhibition last year:

He didn't disappoint in his latest exhibiton:

Reversed echoes in the new, new world.
Shaun O’Donnell
141 Gallery / SWG3
100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG

why YOU should love Shaun O'Donnell
Gone are the geometric patterns and the horizon of endless squares in eternity. In place are now new realms taking on a carnival spirit envolping a self- perpetuating  fantasy scene - taking the viewer on an Escher-esque journey of the human psyche. Again, the organic (and definitly more obviously phallic) shapes, impasto brushstrokes and bold use of colour feature heavily in his work - highlighting carnal insights and creating fleshy characters to ponder over in their strange land.
His paintings and sculpture are just a spectacle to be indulged in, they are so dynamic and enticing, it's easy to get lost circling the vast and heavily constructed worlds of colour. Searching the depths, you can't help but be unnerved by the unnatural coporeal elements, underlining a more sinister, darker mood to the work. 

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