Sunday, 30 October 2011

I Danced with you in the Gargage Night Club Glasgow one night 2005-2006. I was tall 6'1 wearing a grey hoodie & blue jeans you where shorter brunnete & georgous waering a silky top. I could'nt keep my hands off you. I was brushing them accross your tits & down in between your legs. I thought I was in trouble then I fealt you grab my balls. We continued to dance it was hot & sexy, you where hot & sexy. We where so busy heating up the dance floor we did'nt even talk. I was there with mu cousin a shorted guy, you where where there with a girl friend who did'nt look to happy. I was time to leave the club. I was standing with my cousin & you with your girl friend. When I went to speak nothing would come out, I could only look at you in awe of how beautiful you where. I knew my cousin had to leave & since know words where shared I left never to see you again. I have been thinking about you all day today, I am now back in Canada where I was from. If you ever see this I just want you to know I had a great time that night, you where beautifull. Would luv to here from you.

Posted on Tuesday 14 Sep 2010

If anybody could help this sweet guy out, please get in touch...

But seriously, sometimes I'm very concerned as to what we will expose of ourselves online, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube - we are all just a click away from self-destruction - and I say this without any hint of melodrama. My dissertation this year looks at amateur content and 'internet celebrities' as well as why people choose to self-publish because arguably, some thoughts are better just left in your head. I too question the reasons as to why I blog and why I want to publish the material I'm collecting and writing about, and I think we should all reassess whether we need another self-indulgent place in cyberspace.

 Janet Murrary states in Hamlet on the Holodeck: the Future of Narrative in Cyberspace, (p 99) that, “…the enchantment of the computer, creates for us a public space that also feels very private and intimate,” we can become drawn into this world that technically holds no meaning or reality so users can feel secure and somewhat disconnected from the source, “…located on the threshold between external reality and our own minds.” However, many a career is being launched online, and over half of employers now check their potential candidates' facebook pages before their hiring decision you've been warned.

I'm sure she wasn't that special anyway.

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